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Texas Holdem Poker

The Texas Hold'em poker game is relatively easy to learn, but it takes a lot of training to get really good. Before starting and playing Texas Hold'em, you must have a variety of chips in different colors. The colors categorize the different values ??of the marks. This is something you players can decide for themselves. Let's say you have chips in six different colors: White, Red, Black, Blue and Green. In this case, white may correspond to 1, red 5, black 10, yellow 20, blue 50 and green 100. At the start of the game, the first sensor must be selected (moved to the left after each round). The player who is the dealer receives the so-called button (a type of chip that shows who handed out the cards). Then the cards should be mixed well and distributed. Each player must have two cards.

When all the cards are dealt, you can look at the cards, but be careful not to show them to anyone else at the table! First out is the player to the left of the one who has big blinds on the table. He has three different choices: fold, bet as much as big picture or raise. The same applies to other players at the table who must then make a decision. If the player in the case of small blinds wants to join, he must put money into the pot so that she matches big blinds or the amount that is most wagered at the moment. Of course, the player with a small picture is also allowed to raise if he does this one runs another lap and asks if anyone wants to match the bid or even bet over.

When all the players who want to stay in the game have bet the same amount, take the first three cards from the game at once and place them in the middle of the table (flop - the flop). Now the second betting round begins, starting with the player who put in small blinds (or the player who is active and closest to the left of the one who put in small blinds). From this betting round, checking is allowed (bet zero) but if someone else has to call, raise or fold. The second round goes on to all remaining players wagered equally. Then the dealer turns up a new card and places it in the middle of the table (the turn card - the turn). When this card is laid out, the third betting round begins, which works in the same way as the second one.