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EuroLotto is a simple game that is easy to learn. In Sweden you can redeem a voucher online and as usual when it comes to betting on money you must be at least 18 years old. However, the minimum age may differ between different European countries. In England, for example, it is enough for you to be 16 to buy a game voucher. All profits are tax free in all countries except Switzerland and the participants help to build the pot. Because so many players participate, the winnings can be really high. The rules of the game have changed slightly over the years, initially only the United Kingdom, France and Spain participated and the draw took place only once a week. Sometimes super draws are arranged where the jackpot is set to a specific amount, often € 100 million.

Game rules that apply to EuroLotto

Sweden does not participate as a country but as a private person you can buy a lottery ticket online and still participate. You choose five numbers between one and fifty. A lot consists of six tiles but you decide how many you want to bet on. You also select two of eleven lucky star numbers. Initially, these numbers were only nine, but from 2011 the number is eleven. They are a type of wildcard number that can both function independently and combined with the original numbers. Once you have clicked in all numbers, you decide if you want to participate in just one or both draws, how many weeks you want to participate and compete with this particular lot, if you want to participate in the jackpot chance and in which draw you want to participate in the upcoming ten weeks.


EuroLotto, or EuroMillions, is purchased in Sweden through an online agent. If you are located in another European country, such as the UK, you can buy a physical coupon at a gaming store. The draw is then done twice a week and at the purchase you click in which draw you want to participate in. One site that offers games from Sweden is Lottoland. The latest results are presented on their website immediately after the drawing is completed.

Then you win

To win when playing EuroLotto you must have clicked on five of fifty possible numbers on at least one coupon. In addition, you may also have selected two star numbers. The more numbers you have chosen and that come up at the draw, the more you win. At each draw you have the chance to win at least SEK 150 million, which is the fixed amount for which the jackpot is issued. In total, there is a chance of profit of at least SEK 300 million a week. The lottery estimates that approximately 50% of jackpot contributions are paid to players. The fact that the sum can be so high is due to the fact that most countries jointly play the same lottery and thus contribute to the pot. All in all, EuroLotto has thirteen different and possible profit levels.