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Progressive Slots Jackpots

Jackpot slots have either a fixed or progressive jackpot. The difference between the two types is that a fixed jackpot always consists of a certain sum while a progressive constantly increases in value until it is distributed. The progressive variants are usually the most popular as the winnings can be really high. At a progressive jackpot slot, a certain proportion of all efforts go towards building the pot. This means that everyone who plays at the slot machine contributes to the big winnings. In some castles there is not only one, but several progressive jackpots with different value to play about. Players' bets are distributed among them according to a predetermined pattern. The largest part of the bet usually goes to the "big" jackpot, while a smaller proportion goes to the less progressive jackpots in the game. When someone wins the jackpot, the value is reset and you have to start over again.

However, some games have a recovery level, a minimum level, which the jackpot starts after it has dropped out. This way, there is always a certain amount in the pot to replay. The size of this sum varies greatly between different castles.To have a chance of winning at a jackpot slot, of course, you have to bet real money. How much you need to bet to have a chance of winning the big prize is different, so find out which betting rules apply to the particular slot machine you are playing on. In some cases, you need to bet the maximum bet to be able to win, while in other cases you can win regardless of the size of the bet. In some slots, your chances may increase the higher your bet is, as is the case with, for example, Mega Fortune. In general, we recommend that you bet the maximum bet, especially if you are not sure which rules apply.

Most often, it is this rule that applies to you being able to have the chance to take home the high profit.How do you win? There is no simple answer to that question because it varies between different games. It can happen so you have to get a certain number of symbols in a row to win. It may also be that you have to spin up a bonus game where you then have the chance to take home the big prize. In some slots, the jackpot is randomized and you get a message on the screen that you have won.No matter how the winnings are distributed, you will not fail to notice that you have combed the high winnings home!