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Table games in the casino

Table games are the absolutely inevitable casino classics that populate the section of the so-called green tables. After roulette, Black Jack is probably the most played gambling game in the world. Black Jack is the casino version of that game which, known as "Twenty One", took place in the homes of large numbers of people, wherever they were in the world. A similar card game is said to have been played around 1570. Other sources speak of a similar pastime in vogue at the court of the King of France, around 1600. Italy is recognized as the birthplace of this game. In fact, the name "Black Jack" has its origins in all over the world. It is said that, in the nineteenth century, a playing card maker had affixed his logo, "Black Jack", on them. Since then, the game has definitively taken on this name, with which it is known all over the world. Black Jack players play against the dealer, where the aim is to achieve, with the cards, a score that is as close as possible to 21. This is in fact the most played game in casinos and has rules rather simple and in some versions it can also be played with several hands at the same time.

which has rules similar to those of Blackjack but, with the main purpose of reaching 9, it has different values to assign to the cards all figures are worth zero. There is no basic number (even greater than 20 people) to play baccarat, it depends a lot on the rules of the game of the online and real casino, so we advise you to read the instructions of the gambling house carefully before betting. At the center of a part of the table sits the bettor who owns the bank (it can be any croupier or one of the players who holds the bank). The croupier or the dealer has to say what is the minimum stake and deals with the distribution of the cards. On the side of the dealer left and right there are two bettors called "spikes" who fight against the dealer. Another board game is poker . According to some, the term "poker" is a distortion of the Dutch word "pochen", which means "to bluff".

In fact, bluffing is a key component of the game, so much so that it is called an art, "the art of bluffing". It is well known that a good player must be able to hide the real value of the cards he has in his hand. An interesting, and perhaps less known, detail is that non-smoking players can have an advantage over smokers when the game's tension grows, 90% of smokers stop exhaling downwards and begin to exhale upwards , one would say, almost like a steam engine. Among the other table games, we must not forget Roulette which, with their many available versions and immense betting possibilities, does not cease to thrill players from all over the world, above all for the fact that by using some game strategies it is possible to arrive to earn a lot of money too. The famous roulettes are French Roulette, European Roulette and American Roulette, which offer countless different types of bets and groups of bets in order to refine their game strategy.