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Scratchcards are an immensely popular casino game and they have made a real rocket career since the first lotteries were launched. Something that testifies to how popular they are can be seen by the fact that today you can also scrape a lottery at any casino online, instead of having to buy a lottery in a store. The amount of scratch cards is increasing all the time and it is easy to find new fun forms of the game when for some reason you get tired of what you usually play. Learning how to scrape a lot is very easy and when you do it online you don't have to worry about scraping mistakes and missing out on your winnings. In our scratch cards guide you can read more about how and where you can play online. We also tell you about the different types of scratch cards you can choose from and about the history of this popular game.

Scratchcards online can be played in many different variants. One of the most common variants of the game is to scrape three similar symbols. Often it is a sum of money you scrape out and it is also the sum you win. Another form of scratch card has taken advantage of the popular card games. The lotteries show the croupier's hand, and you have to scrape your own. If you have a better hand than the dealer you win. You can also find scratch cards that look like a crossword . On such lots you can scrape hidden letters and then scrape the letters on the words in the crossword. To win, you must have managed to scrape a certain number of whole words. There are many different types of scratch cards and the ones we have mentioned above are just some of them.

Common to all scratch cards is that the player's task is to scrape the hidden symbols. How to win is dependent on each specific lot and clearly stated in the rules of the game. The different tickets have different prices, which means that you can customize your scratch card game according to your wallet. When playing online you don't have to worry about scraping any wrong check box or forgetting to redeem the lottery. If you win , the prize amount is transferredautomatically in one's gaming account. Just as when playing a physical scratch card, online lotteries can have one or more bonus squares. They can come up with doubled winnings, a cash prize, or otherwise help one win.