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In this roulette guide we will go over what roulette is and what history this game has. It may not be absolutely necessary to know what story a game has in order to have fun with it, but it can be fun to know where the favorite game has come from and how the game has evolved. It can also be interesting to know where to play roulette in online casinos , as well as how it is designed on different casinos in terms of rules and other terms. When you are new to casino games, it may be interesting to know some facts about the games themselves as it can lead to you playing in a better and more game-adapted way. Here we give you a basic introduction to how the game could be so popular at the casino, both in and abroad as well as online.

If you want to play roulette online it may be good to know that the game is available in several variants. Therefore, there are very good chances for the player to find a variation of the game that fits that particular player's style of play. The most decisive factor for which variant of roulette you choose is how big the house advantage is towards players. The house advantage can vary widely, from 1.4% to 5.3%. It goes without saying that a roulette game where the house has a lower advantage is better for the player, than a game where the house has a high advantage. It is precisely for this reason that the player is often recommended to choose European or French roulette over for example American. You can read more about the different variants in the next section, and also see why one variant is recommended over another when it comes to online casino games.

If you want to play roulette at the casino you can expect to encounter at least one variant of the game. The most common variant is European roulette, but often French roulette and American roulette are also included in the game range. Generally, there are no online casino live divisions that do not have roulette in the category. The variants differ in that the European and French variants have only one zero on the wheel while the American variant has two zeros. Sometimes, as a player, you can also come across the mini roulette variant. This form of roulette has fewer numbers on the wheel but is also the variant of the game that gives the house the highest advantage. If you do not have much experience in the game, then this variant is not recommended.