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Casino games Baccarat

On the side of the dealer (left and right there are two bettors called "spikes" who fight against the dealer. Any number of other players who place bets against the dealer and therefore against the dealer can place themselves on the sides of the bets and therefore around the table, but cannot receive the cards and therefore play with the "tip" which is located in their part of the table. It can therefore be said that the points in the case that the game is not only bank + two points have a great responsibility, that is to regulate the game of the points and for this reason these two players cannot act on their own but follow the very specific rules. The dealer, on the other hand, is only responsible for himself and can play as he sees fit without limitations; he must deal 6 decks of French cards minus the 12 jokers for a total of 312 cards that are fanned through the sabot. Each player (including those standing and not just the spikes can decide to call dealer at any time, this consists in asking the croupier to play all the money available to the dealer.

If a player calls dealer the other players are not allowed to bet and the hand is placed only between 1 player and the dealer. If no player calls the banker the various players can bet variable numbers and therefore the game takes place between the banker and the bets. In real casinos there is a sabot, which is a tool to regulate the game and in particular to bring the cards down one at a time in an honest way. Also in the gambling houses, the croupier holds the wooden pallets in his hand, which are used to separate the winning or losing chips, collect the cards and place the winnings or losses in the specific cashier of the bank. It is generally played with six decks of French cards, those used to play the classic rummy, with the difference that they have white borders and their number and value are not imprinted. This mainly happens to increase the anxiety and pathos of the game in the players who have the habit of "stealing" the cards.

In some casinos, but especially in online ones, there is the possibility for the player to manage the bank, in this case, many players love to do it and are fascinated by being able to command the game and have the fate of events in hand. For the players who manage the bank, however, we recommend staying with your head and keeping an extremely intelligent and rational conduct to avoid big losses. To receive the best Italian baccarat bonuses, simply install the casino programs in Italian and above all the most reliable ones from the point of view of legality and honesty of play. For this reason, if you want to play in the best online baccarat sites, we suggest you only rely on the most legal and safe bonuses on the net. Many online casino sites offer you very rich bonuses, which however will never be perceived by unsuspecting players or are made to lose in a rather dishonest way.