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Blackjack Rules

The aim of the game is to get as close as possible to the score 21, while surpassing, however, at the same time, the score of the bank and never going beyond the 21 case in which you bust and lose. The other players next to us at the game table are irrelevant, what matters is only the score between us and the dealer. The rules of the game for the dealer are already decided a priori and leave no decision-making possibility to the player, except to follow them in detail. So if you are a beginner and you are learning to play, you can show your cards to other players, to ask for advice, or to the same bank.Each table has a minimum and maximum betting limit. These limits are not adopted to prevent bets in progression, as someone might think. In fact, casinos are well disposed towards players who adopt progressions.

The reasons why different limits are assigned to the various tables are that those who bet high do not want to play together with those who bet less, that the tables with high limits are checked more carefully and that it is always good for the casino to prevent bets very high that can damage it. The game starts by shuffling the cards. There are various ways of doing this and they vary from casino to casino. In general, ASM Automatic Shuffle Machines are used, that is, automatic machines that shuffle the cards and that prevent expert players from determining where the cards will be positioned during the shuffle. Another way is the CSM Continuous Shuffling Machines which are always automatic machines, but which mix the cards with each hand to cancel the advantage of those who count the cards. In general, these machines are very expensive for the casino and since they are often used they break easily, so not all casinos make extensive use of them.

After shuffling the cards, the croupier places them horizontally on the table and offers a player a card different from the others to be placed in the middle of the deck to decide where the cards will be cut / raised. Then the dealer cuts the cards and puts the card back in the middle of the deck to indicate this time where the cards will be shuffled again.When all players have placed their bets, the actual game begins. The croupier gives two cards face down or face up according to the casino rules to all players and two keeps them to himself. One dealer card is face down, while the other is visible to everyone. At this point, when everyone has the cards, the croupier starts with the first player on his right called the position of the first base and asks him what he wants to do: ask for a card or stay? The dealer continues in this way, proceeding to the left for all other players.